Fees and Registration

Registration deadline: 19/03/2023 included

Online registration from January 1st, 2023 via our partner

  • A fixed fee of 1,50 € per participant is to be added to the rates displayed below.
  • After the registration deadline, a fee of 5,00 € will be applied for any modification of the SPORTident card number.
  • Please respect the rule: ONE SI card = ONE runner for all events.


If the table of fees is not displayed correctly, please clear the history of your browser

For runners who are not affiliated in orienteering (in any country), you must subscribe to the PASS'EVENT of 4 €. The PASS'EVENT is valid for the duration of the event and gives access to all technical levels and is in addition to the rates in the following table.

Rates for 3 stages   

Until 5/02/2023 included  

Until 5/03/2023 included  

Until 19/03/2023 included  

DH 10 to DH 18

Marked route for chlidren

33 €

36 €

42 €

DH 20 and +

48 €

54 €

63 €


Rates per stage  

Until 5/02/2023 included  

Until 5/03/2023 included  

Until 19/03/2023 included  

DH 10 to DH 18

12 €

14 €

16 €

DH 20 and +

18 €

21 €

25 €


Recreational courses (Green, Blue, Yellow) are available every day. They are open to all, not timed, not rewarded.  

Registration on site

Born after 2005

10 €

Born in 2005 and before

14 €

SportIdent card rental at the reception :

A deposit will be asked. In case of loss, the SI card will be charged 50 €.

Rulesconcerning the medical conditions of access to orienteering competitions:

Participation in a competition is no longer subject to the presentation of a medical certificate of absence of contraindication to the practice of orienteering.

However, to participate in an orienteering competition, you must:

  • Either hold an annual competition license issued by the French Orienteering Federation OR a UNSS license. No other sports license will be accepted;
  • For the non-licensed MAJOR, attest to having read the federal health questionnaire and the 10 golden rules set forth by the club of sports cardiologists.

English version:



The 10 golden rules decreed by the club of sports cardiologists are not available in English.

  • For non-licensed MINORS, fill in the health questionnaire jointly with the persons exercising parental authority and certify that they have answered NO to each section of the questionnaire.

English version:



Cancellation and refund

  • In case of cancellation due to the COVID (decided by the authorities or the organizer): full refund of the registration fee paid (excluding bank charges).
  • In case of cancellation of the events for reasons beyond our control, we reserve the right to withhold all or part of the registration fee.
  • We will proceed to the eventual refunds from May 1st 2023.