3 Jours de Pâques 2021


Reminder of the french Sports Code : articles L. 231-2 et L. 231-3
To participate in 3 days of competitions "Easter in Burgundy", you must:
   - hold an annual competition licence issued by the French orienteering federation (FFCO)

   - or hold a *single-use FFCO-licence (Pass’O) together with a* medical certificate of non-contraindication to the practice of orienteering race in competition, less than one year old, or a photocopy thereof

Gemäß den Artikeln L. 231-2 und L. 231-3 der französischen Sportgesetzgebung müssen Sie zur Teilnahme an dem Drei-Tage-OL « Ostern in Burgund » über die Mitgliedskarte zu einem OL-Klub oder eine andere Teilnahmekarte verfügen und zur Teilnahme an einem Wettkampf mit Zeitnahme über ein ärztliches Attest, das bestätigt, dass Ihrer Beiteiligung kein medizinisches Hindernis im Wege steht. Das Attest soll weniger als ein Jahr alt sein – eine Photokopie ist ausreichend .

Received certificate are marked here

Dear orienteers, Following the latest announcements concerning Covid-19 in France, all "major events" are cancelled until mid-July, including the date of postponement of our 3 days. Easter in Burgundy 2020 will be postponed to 13,14 and 15 August 2021. We offer three options:

➡️ You agree to postponed your registration to 2021, and you already paid by bank transfert : we keep it. You will benefit from a credit to register for Easter in Burgundy 2021 for the same price. Given the significant costs involved in map making, this option is also a way to support our club, which has seen its two main sources of income for 2020 (Easter and our trail « La Transmontagne ») cancelled.

➡️ You had registered, but not paid by bank transfer (no payment or payment by cheque): you will be automatically deregistered and the cheque destroyed, unless the clubs expressly request it.

➡️ You can no longer participate: refund of all registration fees, minus bank charges. To obtain reimbursement : write to "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." with your name and your banking informations. In case of several cancellations within a club, please be kind with our great volunteer treasurer, and mutualize the request ?

Take care !


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